About Us

X-CLUSIVE PLAYMATES ™ —"Where we keep it CLASSY, SEXY and SEDUCTIVE; while having Angelic Days and Naughty Devilish Nights" is an extraordinary exclusive entity. We are the worlds finest in Lifestyles Vacations, Adult Travel, Swingers Travel, and Erotic Travel to the most exotic and sexiest resorts/cruises on the earth.

X-CLUSIVE PLAYMATES ™ will take your fantasy to a reality for the open-minded and fun-loving individual. Our focal point is to provide you with the ultimate Lifestyles Vacation that is designed to tempt the mind, body and soul as well as stimulate your deepest fantasies. Our guests do not desire another "regular" vacation with the children, on the golf course playing golf with the fellas, or having to paste a smile on your face with the "boring" crowd. Our guests seek to combine the ambience of lavishness with the fascination of a dreamscape.

Our highly seductive and clandestine Clients are lifestylers, nudists, exhibitionists, voyeurs, and are professional people just like you! Our Clients look for a "Touch of Sophistication" and enjoy the finer things in life. We provide superior customer service that is dedicated to our clients' needs and privacy. Our goal is to ensure complete satisfaction from beginning to end. As you travel with X-CLUSIVE PLAYMATES ™you will remit the limitations of everyday life and "enter" into a universe unlike anything you've ever experienced before. Join our adventures and set your fervor and inner fantasies free. Leave your inhibitions behind!

Admit it, you are curious! So why not take this adventure and join X-CLUSIVE PLAYMATES ™ for a Lifestyles Vacation? Find out the true meaning of an exclusive, fabulous, fun-filled vacation "Where we keep it CLASSY, SEXY and SEDUCTIVE; while having Angelic Days and Naughty Devilish Nights." It's all about you— Your Secret is our Best Kept Secret!!! We're waiting for you!